Hi Dear Friends,


Hope you are doing well today!


This is a 8 point update on how we as a church are responding to the Covid 19 challenge, President Trump’s request to limit groups to less than 10 and Governor Brown’s decision to legally limit groups to less than 25 for at least 4 weeks.


  1. Our live Sunday services in the near future will be broadcast to our homes from Newsongmedford.com at 10:00 a.m. Our worship band, a few of our leaders, and the preacher of the week will be the only people at our equipping center sanctuary.


Jim Wolf and Jeremiah Pickrel are working hard this week and next to see great upgrades of quality in our video broadcasting.


Our Sunday morning prophetic words and word of knowledge/ healing teams will function in the Holy Spirit very creatively and fully. Remember we can also send prayer requests at newsongmedford.com and the bulletin of the week will also be posted there.


  1. Let’s keep contending in prayer and faith for a quick vaccine and a neutralization of the disease while doing our best in practical ways to keep our families safe.


  1. Updated Children’s ministries AWANA lessons will be posted at our New Song Church Medford Facebook page.


  1. We decided this week to start our April break in our small group ministries early as in today, unless your group leader decides to keep their group going with less than 10 people as per President Trump’s request.


Some groups may want to organize and meet via fb messenger video-chat.


  1. Our pastoral care team led by Chery Hukill will be in touch with all of our families to pray over us via phone, or voicemail blessing, email, or US Postal Service.


  1. Our good friends at Medford Healing Rooms will be in full Holy Spirit anointed ministry operation but thru the new wineskin of phone prayer – if you or someone you love would like healing prayer from Healing Rooms team call them at 541.351.8626 and they will believe God with you for your healing breakthrough.


  1. For convenience a tithing and offering envelope and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to New Song Church are being mailed out. There is a place to indicate if you would like several more. We can also give securely at newsongmedford.com or text to give – (directions also at website).


  1. We are believing God that this is not a maintenance mode or a victim mode but rather a wineskin adjustment that in this challenging cultural season Jesus will pour the new wine of the Spirit more and more into us in worship, the gifts of the Spirit and the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Much love to you all dear friend – remember – the Father is in us, we are in the Father and the Father Himself loves us!


– Dan and Brenda