Enjoying Jesus Ministry

Getting to do all the supernatural Jesus ministry that Jesus did in the fullness of the Holy Spirit is our third core value and what we contend in prayer for on behalf of everyone. We do however notice that most Holy Spirit filled believers gravitate in ministry toward a gift cluster of 2 or 3 spiritual  gifts that they especially enjoy and have a passion for.  Our leadership staff really enjoys helping people discover and  clarify their gifts and callings for their unique Jesus ministries. Here are some of the ways people at New Song are currently expressing their personal gifts, callings, and passions:
1. Being a “stay at home mom” teaching their children or foster
    children to know and love God
2. Volunteering once a month as a helper or teacher in our
    children’s ministries
3. Serving in our sound or projection ministry
4. Starting an Enjoying Fellowship Group
5. Ministering in the local jail
6. Ministering in the Medford Gospel Mission
7. Starting a homeless ministry
8. Going on a mission trip overseas
9. Serving divine appointments God brings into our lives with 
    random acts of Jesus-kindness

10. Driving a church van once a month to pick up people for
11. Volunteering as a helper for our thriving teen ministry
12. Hosting an Enjoying Fellowship Group at your house
13. Leading or helping with worship at one of our Enjoying    
      Fellowship Groups
14. Serving on a healing team for Medford Healing Rooms or
      Sunday morning ministries

15. Serving on a prophetic team
16. Serving as a custodial volunteer for 2 hours once a month
17. Serving a s a greeter once a month
18. Serving at our coffee bar once a month
19. Serving on one of our pastoral care hospital, or shut in      
      visitation teams
20. Serving on a team to win souls, heal the sick, cast out
      demons, and prophesy over people on the street
21. Joining our Sunday morning praying in the Spirit ministry
      for our Sunday morning services
22. Volunteering at our local Pregnancy Resource Center
23. Helping prepare meals for the recently bereaved
24. Helping prepare meals for large groups and/or small groups
      at church functions
25. Being part of our urgent prayer care email team
26. Being part of one of several cool intercessory prayer teams
27. Volunteering to help make phone call nationally for our
      USA Power Evangelism Adventures
28. Serving once a month at our Sunday morning Welcome
29. Helping with a team to throw birthday parties and Christmas 
      presents at Christmas time for children in need.
30. Inner Healing Ministries
It is possible that God will lead you to start a new ministry      related to your personal passion and gift cluster.

Contact our church office at 541-858-4085 for information about how to start a new Jesus ministry at New Song Church.